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Wine Ceremony

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The wine ceremony symbolises the blending of two lives into one.

You may create your own wine ceremony if you wish. I do have a few different ways you may perform this ceremony, which you may read from a folder I have produced.

The idea of the wine ceremony is this:

There is  a glass or carafe  each of red and white wine on the table and  two empty glasses.

The red and white wines are poured individually into the glasses and mixed therefore creating a "Rose Wine"

The rose is the symbol of love, and the blending of the red and white wine creates a pink rose wine, celebrating the blending of two individual lives and the love of the new couple.

You may prefer either red or white wine. You can mix two different whites together or two different reds to make your own special blend of wedding "Shiraz".

You may have music in the background as this would be a lovely touch to the ceremony, however it is optional.


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Last modified: May 18, 2016