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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives, and it is as special and individual as you are. This is the one day when you have the opportunity to publicly express your love and make your own special promises and vows to each other.

 It is my pleasure to help you plan the perfect wedding to reflect your personalities and wishes. As a celebrant I will provide you with a wide range of ceremonial choices.

The wedding may be Traditional, Spiritual, Cultural, Romantic, Funny, Informal or  Relaxed.   

Simple home  Beach   Indoor & Outdoor Park or Historical site  Themes Celtic.

The ceremony can be as long or short as you would like. Below is a basic ceremony.

Creating Your Marriage Ceremony

There is a basic framework which is common to most/all marriage ceremonies. The freedom to express your love, dreams, hopes and joys with each other together with your friends as witnesses is yours.


As the groom and his groomsmen wait in anticipation for the bride and her party to arrive, music is setting the atmosphere of the ceremony. You may use a CD, USB with your favorite song as I have an excellent PR system. You may like to have a musician/s to play music. Whether it is a harp or guitarist, or string music there will be a setting for the procession.

 The Welcome

I will welcome guests and family on your behalf. You may like to  include any remembrances of friends or family members not present and make any special remarks about those whom have travelled a significant distance to attend.

Reading optional

You may like to consider asking a friend or family member to read a poem or reading you have chosen. I have many poems and readings in the book I will loan you to read. Perhaps you may have a special poem or you may like to make one up.

The Address and Personal Story

This is all about you, your personal story from the time you met to till now.

It is about remembering the important moments and what you would like your guests to share with you. You may share your dreams, hopes, values and where you both would like to venture in the future together.

Reading optional

Section 46 of the Marriage Act 1961

This is a mandatory legal statement stating the Law of Marriage in Australia which I will read. This introduces myself and states the law.

The Marriage Vows

Your vows are a very significant part of the marriage ceremony. The legal requirement is that you include these words I call upon the persons here present to witness that I, (full name) , take you, (full name) .,  to be my lawful wedded wife / husband. 

When creating your vows, remember what you are saying here is your own personal wording of promise to your partner.  To make your vows truly personal you may like to discuss a foundation for your promises and then each write in your own words. These may be kept as a  surprise for each other and sharing them only with the celebrant until the ceremony! Or you may prefer to work on them together.

The Exchange of Rings

The Declaration

The Kiss

The Closing Blessing

The Signing of the Marriage Documents

The Presentation

Special Additions

There are many different additions you may like to add after I pronounce you as Mr and Mrs. For example:

*Candle Lighting Ceremony * Wine Ceremony * Rose Ceremony *Sand Ceremony etc. Cutural Inclusions - Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Pagan, Celtic, Christian, Malaysian and Chinese tradition and more.

   The ceremony  could incorporate:

*Poetry >  can be read by a family member or a person in the bridal party or best friend.

*Song> which can be sung by someone of your choosing.

*Music>  can be played on our sound system. The system plays CD's and computer USB input.

*Reading >  which can be read by someone special.

*Children> in the wedding.  The children will feel inclusive of the ceremony as well.    

Types of Ceremonies



Unity Candle


Traditional Civil

Civil Religious Content

Commitment Ceremonies 

Renewal of Vows                                                     

Butterfly release

Wishing stones

Dove Release


Unity Coins

Air and Sea



There are legal requirements etc..........





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