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The Unity Coins



This symbolic ritual has been passed on by the Spanish colonizers The  de arras holds the  thirteen gold unity coins (arras) are given to the Bride by the Groom, signifying he will support her. Often presented in ornate boxes or gift trays, the coins represent the Bride’s dowry and holds good wishes for wealth and prosperity. These coins become a part of their family heirloom.

The Grooms Pledge to the Bride

The Groom gives the Bride thirteen gold unity coins as a symbol of his unquestionable trust and confidence. The symbolism, which may be explained by the officiant, is that the Groom recognizes his responsibility as a provider, and pledges his ability to support and care for her. Acceptance by the Bride means taking that trust and confidence unconditionally with total dedication and prudence. 

The Traditional Unity coin Ceremony

The Unity coins are presented to the officiant by a friend or relative or coin bearer.

The officiant hands them to the Bride who places them in the Groom's cupped hands at the beginning of the ceremony. The coins are then placed on a tray and handed to an assistant to be held until later in the ceremony. near the end of the ceremony the box and coin are given to the officiant who places the unity coins in the box and hands them to the groom The groom will then pour the coins into the bride's cupped hands and places the box on top. This represents his giving her control as his mistress of all his worldly goods.

Traditionally, these coins symbolize the ability of the groom to support his wife and confirm his position as the breadwinner of the family in the marriage, while the wife stays at home to take care of the house and children. Now, the husband and wife share the support, and responsibility. It also cam to symbolize wealth and prosperity for the newlyweds and their future family.

However, in our more modern 21st century, these coins symbolize more than just prosperity. Today they represent groom and bride's willingness to embrace life and unite harmoniously as husband and wife. They agree to face the world together in a mutually supportive way and to affirm the vows they have taken today. Each coin presented represents one of the thirteen universal tenets of an enduring marriage.

Bless these coins and groom and bride with the ability to love, trust, care for and nurture each other. Give them the wisdom to understand the value of cooperation and to always respect each other as individuals. Help them to stay true to the commitment they have pledged to today. For their marriage, we wish them many long years of joy and happiness. May they live in harmony, peace and unity for the rest of their lives. 

Officiant hands the wedding coins to groom. Then, groom hands the coins to the open hands of the bride who then returns the coins to the coin bearer.






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