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The origins of the ceremony are unclear, but it is thought that it was started either by Hawaiians or Native Americans, and that it symbolises the inseparable nature of marriage. Originally, the bride and groom would each have simply picked up a handful of sand and thrown it into the wind. The grains of sand would have become combined, and would have been impossible to separate, symbolising the couple coming together in marriage 

A small table is placed at the ceremony location with a clear glass vase in the centre .You may engrave your initials or names and the wedding date as a momentum on the vase/container.

Two smaller vases containing different coloured sands are placed either side of the central vase, one for the bride and one for the groom. These sands can be in the wedding colours.  During the wedding sand ceremony, the couple take turns to pour sand from their individual vases into the central vase, creating a layered effect.

 Finally they pour the remainder of the sand into the vase at the same time so that the two colours combine and canít be separated, symbolising their unity in marriage. A poem or reading can be recited at the same time as the sand is poured.

 A childrenís variation of the sand ceremony is perfect if the couple have children together already, or have children from a previous relationship. Each child has a small vase with coloured or white sand, and they pour this into the central vase just before the couple finish pouring in their sand. This provides a layer where the coupleís and childrenís sands are mixed. The children can then pour the rest of their sand on top of the coupleís sand.

Wedding sand ceremonies are ideal for outdoor or informal weddings, and work especially well for beach weddings where some of the sand can come directly from the venue giving it even more significance. If you arenít getting married at the beach, wedding sand ceremony kits can be ordered with just about any colour sand. The central vase can be sealed with wax once the ceremony is over, and makes a wonderful keepsake of your wedding day.  






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Last modified: May 18, 2016