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A Civil Wedding Ceremony is a non - religious legal marriage ceremony performed by a government official or a marriage celebrant.

Don't be discouraged if your family members try to discourage you from having a civil ceremony instead of a church wedding. It's your wedding, so do what you want.

However, sometimes there are couples who face the fact that one parent or both parents are Christians and would like you to get married in a church or by a minister of religion.

Perhaps one of the family could read a verse from the bible. Another could sing a song.

It does not do any harm and everyone is happy. I am willing to add any Christian content.

I can marry you anywhere you wish and your ceremony can be as long or short as you wish.

You can be married at a registry office in Adelaide. Why, would you want to be married in an office when you can be married in a garden, down at the beach, in a park or in an air balloon.

For a basic ceremony my fees are similar to the registry office.

For a ceremony with flair this could include a poem, song, music, or readings.

Two readings can comfortably be read in this ceremony. I have many readings which you may look at.

Couples may like to invite a friend or a professional singer to sing for them and they may use my public address system for amplification.

You may like to write your own vows or recite words of your own choosing. The following wordings must be said in the ceremony.

" I, full name call upon the persons here present, to witness that I take you, full name to be my lawful wedded Wife/Husband"


I call upon the persons here present to witness that I,______, take thee, ______, to be my lawful wedded wife/husband? 

Promises are  added after this. They  can be anything that you  want to say to each other in public. These promises are  technically the promise to each other and a wonderful way to express your own thoughts and feelings in your own words. I have examples for you to choose from if you want or you may like  to write your own. I encourage my clients to do this but I am also aware many people can not so I am available to assist them whenever they ask.

I will loan you a book which contains many different ceremonies, readings, poetry, vows and songs.

The book contains information on everything you require for your wedding. I have done the hard walk for you.

There is information on wedding ceremony venues, reception venues, wedding car services, wedding florists, cake shops, Dj's, music etc.

Please read legal requirements.




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Last modified: May 18, 2016