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Getting Married in Australian Airspace

Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Norfolk Island

Would you like to be married in the air on a plane, hot air balloon or helicopter?

Australia has complete and exclusive sovereignty over the airspace above its territory. Marriages can be conducted in Australian airspace over Australia or its territories.

The person responsible for the vessel or aircraft must record the co- ordinates of the exact location by latitude and longitude at the time the couple say their vows. 

I will then use these co-ordinates to enter into Google Earth and determine the exact location of the ceremony and record this on the Marriage Certificate and NOIM.

ON a commercial aircraft permission must be sought by the couple. Seek permission to conduct a ceremony from Senior Cabin staff prior to commencing ceremony. It would be impractical to conduct a professional marriage ceremony on a flight of less than 2 hours, due to the work load of the cabin staff. Ceremonies should not inconvenience other passengers.

Flights must be over Australian airspace no more than 60,000feet high.

In hot air balloons the longitude and latitude coordinates are taken when the couple say their vows. These are recorded on the Marriage Certificate.

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Getting Married at Sea

Your boat can be moored at port, however once you step onto the boat or ship you are on the sea.

Celebrants can only marry couples 12 nautical miles in width from the low water line along of the coast of Australia. 132 nautical miles from the islands defined as Australia as above.

This does not include Australian Territory in the Antarctic.

It is fallacy that a ship's Captain can marry couples in Australian waters.

Unless the Captain has a celebrants licence or approval from the Attorney General's Department he cannot marry on a sea vessel in Australian waters.

The person responsible for the vessel must record the coordinates latitude and longitude as the couple say their vows. This is then recorded on the Marriage Certificate.

If having a ceremony in an unstable environment at sea or airborne, keep the ceremony simple, keep it safe, keep it professional, keep it legal and accurately record the place of the ceremony.

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